Family conflict, divorce, custody issues, elder care, estate planning disputes can be resolved amicably through mediation.


Mediation can get to the heart of the matter and help your family come to an agreement.


Divorce, custody issues, elder care, estate disputes, or any disagreement among family members can be some of the most difficult issues that a person will face.  Mediation can help resolve these difficult conflicts. By providing objectivity and neutrality, the mediator will facilitate a straightforward, non-adversarial conversation and assist in identifying issues, determine common interests, and enable joint resolutions. Litigation is lengthy, taxing and expensive.  Mediation affords you the opportunity to be in charge of your resolution. Mediation is confidential, voluntary, flexible and open to creative, mutually agreeable solutions (M.G.L. Ch. 233 § 23C).  All private sessions between participants and the mediator are confidential, statements are never shared with other participants without permission. Daniels Mediation has many years of experience in the field of family conflict resolution and in finding mutually agreeable resolutions.


Some Ways We Can Help: 

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Marital Conflicts

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Custody conflicts

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Elder Care

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Estate conflicts


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For More Information About Family Mediation:

For couples considering divorce or who have made the decision to divorce, or if you are experiencing a conflict with any family member, Daniels Mediation Services invites you to take advantage of a free consultation with us. 

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